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Quotes & Bids

Our prices are published on our website & our brochure.  We are happy to discuss your needs & provide a quoted total for your event, however we no longer provide a written itemized quote.  A quote is not a bid and is based on published prices at the time of request.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Organizations or other vendors may continue to request a written bid for annual events.  When requesting a bid, submit any other competing quote, or estimate along with the request.  



Reservations may be started at any time.  Please reserve the most you will need and decrease as the event gets closer.  Increasing quantities after the initial reservation is made may result in an added fee of $50 if it is necessary to find the additional equipment from any other source when we no longer have availability from our inventory. Please make changes promptly to free up equipment for other customers.  Equipment may always be added on if it's available.

Effective 08/01/2018, new reservations will require a 25% non refundable deposit at the time reservation is made.  Changes may be made to reservation until order is finalized and paid in full.  Once reservation is entered into the computer, equipment is "on hold" for the reserved time.  Changes may be made to the reservation up to 2 weeks (14 days) prior to event. It is the customer's responsibility to confirm and pay the balance in full at least 7 days prior to the event.  Unpaid/Unconfirmed orders may be partially or completely canceled to free up equipment for other paid customers. 



A credit card is required at the time reservation is made.  A 10% non refundable deposit is charged at the time reservation is made.  A larger deposit may be required for equipment not in our inventory. (ie. If we are subrenting it from another vendor)  Special orders require a 50% non refundable deposit at the time order is placed.


Full payment is due 2-3 weeks (14-21 days) prior to event for special orders.  We begin confirming special orders 3 weeks prior to event but last day to finalize is 2 weeks/14 days prior to event.  Full payment on regular orders is due 1-2 weeks prior to event.  Order must be finalized & paid one week/7 days prior to event.  Full payment is due at the time order is placed if less than 2 weeks prior to event. 


Once order is finalized with full payment, there are no refunds.  Store credit may be offered on a case by case basis at the discretion of management on orders canceled after order is finalized.


Please count & inspect equipment when picking up or upon delivery.  Notify office immediately if there are any issues/problem with delivered equipment. PARTY ROYAL must have an opportunity to correct any problem prior to event before a refund or store credit will be given.



Customer is responsible for inspecting equipment upon delivery or when picking up items from store.  Replacement charges will apply to intentional damage to linens, such as cutting holes for umbrellas, snags from using pins/safety pins, sprinkling glitter, cigarette or candle burn holes, dripped wax, ink or crayon writing or putting wet linens in return bag.  Please do not allow guests to stand on chairs and wipe any spills from tables and chairs before returning.  A charge will be applied for excessively dirty chairs & tables, damage from dragging or dropping or scraping table, or any modifications/customer repair of equipment.  If there is any problem with equipment, please contact store so we may replace or repair.  Do not paint equipment.  Do not stand on tables.  Remove pins/safety pins from linens before returning.


Tableware is sterilized & table ready when delivered.  If you receive equipment that is not table ready, please notify office immediately.  Quality control is very important so we may take corrective action when a problem is identified.


Please do not wash linens.  Simply shake off all food,and/or confetti from linens and return to clear bag for return.  Do not put wet linens in bag.  If a linen has spills, please allow to dry completely before returning to bag.  Most stains will come out but wet linens will cause mildew, especially in hot months.  DO NOT USE GLITTER ON LINENS.   Glitter is NOT confetti and even when shaken off, glitter becomes embeded in linen fibers and gets on everything.  THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF $25 PER LINEN THAT IS RETURNED WITH GLITTER.  There will be a charge for every linen returned with favors, disposables, wrappers, food, candy, etc. rolled up in it.


Delivery & Pick up


We are happy to deliver & pick up rented equipment.

However, we have curbside delivery and will drop off as close to your event as our truck can get.  Our drivers are NOT allowed to move equipment more than 15 feet from the truck.  Please make arrangements to get equipment to your location from the drop off spot.  Equipment must be broken down & stacked neatly in the same location for pick up.  Additional charges will apply to equipment not broken down and/or not returned to the pick-up location.


Return fee: $100 

(We maintain a schedule.  If items are not broken down or in the correct spot, we may have to move on to the next scheduled pick up if breaking down the equipment will cause a significant delay. 

When we have to come back, this fee will be assessed)

Breakdown Fee:  $75 

(If tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. are still set up, this fee will be assessed)

Wrong location Fee:  $75

(If items are not in a location, within 15 feet of where our

truck can pick them up, this fee will be assessed)


Discounts/Special Pricing/Donations


We are happy to discuss your needs and work within your budget but we do not price match.


Effective July 1, 2017, our vendor discount policy is being discontinued for schools, churches, non profits and wedding professionals that do not meet the criteria for special pricing..  


Special contract pricing may be available to those that use a high volume of rentals.on a regular basis and those that have an annual event that uses the same equipment each year.  (As long as nothing changes in the order every year, the pricing will remain the same from year to year.)


Donation policy:  We would love to be able to donate to every great cause but unfortunately we are limited in how much we can donate annually.  All requests for donations must be made in writing at least 6 months prior to event.  The request must include information about the organization, what donation is needed and how it will benefit the community. (or who will benefit)  Written requests for donations may be sent to  (please allow 10-14 business days for a response)

Where to Find Us:

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Payment is due one week prior to event. If order is placed less than a week prior to event, payment is due at the time order is placed.   No refunds after order is confirmed and paid. Items may be added after order is confirmed, if they are available but items cannot be removed after order is confirmed.


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